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Design With Purpose

Our relationships with designs are so intimate, so fundamental and all-pervasive as the settings of our lives, as they sustain and shape us. We bring different components together into a whole functional building despite any given limitations. Our best practices to planning and designing different buildings follow a specific pace setting style.

High Quality Materials

Throughout history, the development of new materials and technologies has enabled functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings. With the advent of sustainable architecture, the role of materials science in building innovation is becoming more prominent. We carefully select our materials during constuction to its environmental impacts. Our selection is beginning to take on new forms and with high-rise buildings and even translucent properties, these selected materials are being taken to new heights.

Excellent Deliveries

Before launching our construction jobs, we set course by exploring project delivery methods and selecting one that best meets client's unique needs. As we select a project delivery method, we do give our clients a basic understanding of why and what they are building. However, having a firm understanding of the foundations of the project before selecting a delivery method will aid our client's final decisions.

4 years of Experience

Our years of expertise has transcended our capacity into one of the best design and build firms at the moment. We set paces and standards as a leading brand, which we do not compromise. From detailed and great attestation about us, you can never regret patnering with Tectonics Hybrid Limited.


Interior Design


1. Creativity

Creativity is a practical process that we have mastered. We process the client’s original ideas, add meaningful value through lateral thinking with a mind-blowing outcome.

2. Commitment to Excellence

we are highly skilled in managing interpersonal effectiveness, building trust, teamwork, collaboration amongst our clients and bringing out exellence in all our projects.

3. Passion

We are passionate about what we do; we really love the challenges as we possess a high energy level, demonstrate a positive attitude and exceed standards of excellence.

4. Attention to details

We are wired to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing tasks. Detail-oriented strengths give us the ability to work better, to be more effective and to minimize the risk of errors.

We turn ideas into works of art.


We create three-dimensional models, photorealistic visuals and high-end animation of development proposals using a variety of different professional computer software programs and tools that lead to more sophisticated and eye-popping proposals that represent design intent accurately before any physical work on the project begins.


As professional interior designers, we are vast with our bespoke designs with the execution of quality, budget-friendly, interactive spaces. We understand the art and science, design styles needed to create functional spaces within a building to achieve a habitable space.


We beautify spaces by paying keen attention to details. Great material selection and purposeful functionality not only to beautify spaces, outdoors but also, to communicate with the environment.


What clients say about us

“ I have witnessed and admired their design works for years. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking professionalism ”

Mr. Olatunde Architecture

“ Tectonics Hybrid Limited is one of our patner company on our numerous projects and they have been doing some fantastic jobs for us with their modern designs ”

PRINCE AWAL Architecture

“ If there is one thing to choose them for, they never miss dealine schedules. ”

Chucks Architecture

“ The team is well cordinated and technically sound, kudos guys! ”

Lucky Architecture

“ Every detail has been taken care of by the team. They are really amazing and talented! I vouch for them ”

Mr. Samuel Architecture

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